USCryotherapy ::: my experience

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

Music was playing as I stepped into the negative-degree chamber, however I couldn’t tell you what was playing. I think that USCryotherapy should really try to work something out with Adam Levine & Maroon5 for their new song Cold… I think I’m really onto something here! 

disclaimer: thanks to my relationship with This is Press, I was given the opportunity to try a session at USCryotherapy in exchange for a blog post & sharing via social media. all opinions are my own.

While my fitness game isn’t what it used to be, I still have my fair share of sore muscles and aches from years of running. If you’re not familiar with Cryotherapy, it’s a form of recovery that is offered for the full body, localized treatments and even facials. While there are a few facilities in Tampa (and nationwide) that offer this, USCryotherapy sets themselves apart. They offer Whole Body Cryotherapy, a walk-in chamber with natural air, and allows your entire body to benefit from the treatment; other facilities use nitrogen, and are not easily able to cool your entire body, especially the top half! Plus, their chamber is the coldest in town — giving you a quick treatment for faster recovery. 

While I did not have any specific soreness, I did experience the Whole Body Cryotherapy earlier this week, and pun intended, it was quite chilling. 

the process. Easy check-in via computer, then at the desk for what treatment you’re coming in for; a quick change into more gear to protect your body’s hot spots and onto the treatment. A quick docking of your skin’s temperature (mine was at 80 degrees) — then into the first room at I spent 15 seconds at -30 degrees, then the full sized chamber at -176 for 3:30 minutes. Brrrr. *thats an understatement. They count you down (visually and/or verbally), then done! As soon as you make your way out of the chamber, they check your skin’s temperature again….and mine had dropped by half and was at 40 degrees! 

So that was the quick version… here’s a little bit more of a play by play: 

before. You better believe I was nervous. While I have done a lot of things for my blog, this was definitely the coldest, and most outside my realm. I appreciated how detailed they were with my check in & sharing the process. As for the changing of gear, I took a little off to put some back on. Per usual, in all my lulu, I had on full length leggings, sports bra & tank top; keeping on my own socks, I added a pair of theirs that covered my Achilles and donned some pretty sweet wool lined slippers. I also wore plastic gloves (like for dying your hair) and full mittens that went past my wrists. And….I’m not done; a mild surgical mask to cover your nose & mouth plus a headband to protect your ears. Then, I was finally ready. 

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

during. I am not going to frost it (like sugar coat it. get it??), stepping into the second chamber took my breath away. The big piece of advice they gave me was to steady my breathing…and that was more than a challenge. While my anxiety stayed at bay, it was a tricky 3:30 minutes. The chamber is meant to hold up to four people, so going in solo was spacious.

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

My goosebumps has goosebumps; my eyelashes & eyebrows got frost on them almost instantly, but my hands & feet stayed cozy. There was music playing inside, but I was so consumed with my breathing, I barely noticed. Just before they gave me a verbal & visual notice that I already one minute down, I didn’t think I was going to last the full 3:30 minutes. Needless to say I pulled some badassery outta my back pocket and made it happen. After barely moving once inside, I made it the full amount of time (and they’ll never let you stay any longer than 3:30!) and stambered out. I slightly felt like a rockstar exiting with the fog that follows you out — and with my skin now being a chilling 40 degrees. 

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

completely unflattering — but a true picture of how I felt exiting the chamber.

after. About 99% of my body was numb; I kept looking down at my arms and touching my thighs to check that they were still there. After taking off my gear, I walked on the treadmill for five minutes to get the blood flowing — the weird sense of accomplishment sunk in. I know, I know, sounds silly.

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

As for my skin, anywhere that wasn’t covered by clothing was red; and while I did not notice any immediate affects on my body, I felt good and my knees were content (always my issue if something is ‘off’). About 1-2 hours after the session, I had quite the epiphany of mental clarity; sitting at my desk, it dawned on me…and not joking, I was saying to myself “I can hear everything. I can see everything. My brain feels on fiya!” 

USCryotherapy ::: my experience

facial. Along with the whole body treatment, they also offer localized treatment (as in just for your knees, calves, wrist, etc), but they also do facials — and of course I couldn’t refuse. Again, using the chill factor, it is six minutes of coolness all over your face. This treatment was quite relaxing. Afterwards, I felt that my face was a uplifted & more vibrant. 

…and now for the DL. 

would do it again? Yes, I would! But, I would go with purpose — as in after a long week of consistent workouts or after a weekend of being on my feet. 

how often can you go? Some professional athletes go daily, but typically, going 2-3 times a week is ideal. 

who can benefit from Cryotherapy? Anyone! Yogis, crossfitters, runners, you name it! However, if you have had any previous heart conditions, check with your doctor. And of course, it’s a no go if you have a bun in the oven. 

did you like it? While it was challenging, the benefits out way the 3:30 of being uncomfortable. I also know that returning a second time, I’ll be more at ease. While you’re in the large chamber, it is 99% mental — once you push past it, you can pretend you’re in Antarctica.

USCryotherapy offers a variety of services & packages for the Whole Body Cryotherapy, isolated treatment & facials. You can find them here: 

Facebook // Instagram // their Website

*thanks again to the amazing staff at USCryotherapy Tampa for making my first experience with Cryotherapy a good one!

Caitlyn is a Tampa native with a love for all things food, fitness, travel & Disney. Currently:
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Caitlyn is a Tampa native with a love for all things food, fitness, travel & Disney. Currently: ▪️Social Media content creator & photographer with Social Media Squared ▪️Lifestyle Blogger & Social Influencer ▪️Foodie, Queen of tequila & coffee (sometimes combined, mostly enjoyed separately), villain-lover, movie aficionado, #joblove-r & owner of way too many sugar skulls


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    Run DMT

    March 25, 2017

    This is so interesting! I wish I knew about this years ago when I was training for my marathons and has issuees with my plantar fasciitis. I think I need to schedule something after my half marathon next month.

  2. Reply

    Heather Montgomery

    March 25, 2017

    Not gonna lie this sounds terrifying! I hate being cold haha

    • mm


      March 25, 2017

      It was challenging; I don’t like the cold either!

  3. Reply

    Katie @ A Full Plate

    March 29, 2017

    Oh my goodness, you are a brave soul! I HATE the cold so not sure I could do it, but love the mental clarity that you had afterwards!


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