Who is Caitlyn: A wearer of many hats & loves them all: blogger, *kinda* runner, motivator, fitness instructor, & enforcer of #TampaLove. Keeping busy, you’ll find this Tampa native in lululemon, a coffee in hand, soaking up the sun or being a kid at Disney.

Oh, hey, that’s me! *waves*

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The beginning. This little blog, Live. Sweat. Sleep. Repeat. started as an outlet. I was beginning to train for my first marathon and was not where I should be, physically or mentally. I hopped on the Beachbody train (and am still on it), started training, starting writing and *poof!* here we are. I am crazy grateful to find blogging… writing… sharing… not only did my network of friends expand, but it was just the beginning.

The middle. I ran. Set a couple PR’s. Ran some more. Now, six or seven marathons and 25+ half marathons later…I’d be lying if I said I had lost count and just plain ran myself silly. However, running led me to where I am at today; my blog has grown, I built a business, traveled, made new friends near & far and made countless memories along the way.

Today. As you can imagine…the blog evolved, just as I did during that ‘middle’ part. To keep my passion alive I simply backed it up with purpose, thus, leading me right here…today.

As you visit, I really do want you to see my quirky self and hear my voice, as I touch on whatever fitness path I may be on or the next #TampaLove feature I am sharing. I ultimately decided to title myself as a ‘Lifestyle Blogger’ because I refuse to be put in a box…and if you know me, well, you can testify to that too. As I dabble in my passions, my hope is that I give you an ‘ah-ha’ moment, share with you a new restaurant to try, or hell — I speak about something you’ve been thinking for weeks but couldn’t put it to paper. I’m quirky. I’m weird. I do not know my natural hair color. I think making fitness fun is a must. I should have learned *a lot* more from my Dad in the kitchen. I love lululemon, Disney, skulls & coffee way too much, but in that exact order. And I act like a kid every single change I get.

Welcome to Live. Sweat. Sleep. Repeat.

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    April 18, 2013

    hey! so happy to "meet" another caitlyn 🙂 your story is inspiring to this caitlyn who is beginning her own fitness journey!

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      Caitlyn Connolly

      May 21, 2013

      Nice to meet you too!!


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