GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms

GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad
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Having spent 7+ years of my life commuting into Plant City for grade school – you would think that I was full of knowledge on their range of berries. But… my facts were specific to a little red berry and I was happy to learn more about Wish Farms and their blueberries.


GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


Since Wish Farms Southeast blueberries are now in season (Florida, Georgia & North Carolina), we headed 50 miles east of Tampa, just past Lakeland, to Misty Organics; the home of Wish Farms’ 20 acre organic blueberry farm. Science meets soil here – with seven different types of blueberries, their tunnels that house the blueberry plants and set up a specific way to harvest the most, and best little berries. Each tunnel has a black flooring to soak up the heat, but the only two colors your see are green speckled with blue. And you can even eat the blueberries right off of the stem.


GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


After a morning in the sun, we headed to their Processing Facility in Plant City; we got to see first hand how the magic happens and the steps on how the blueberries travel from field to your table. While machines do help expedite the process, it is all hands on deck to ensure that only the best berries make into a Wish Farm container. And can you believe they can pack 3,500 to 5,000 pounds per hour?!


GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


With all of this blueberry goodness, I was excited to create something new with one of my favorite things, and you know where this is heading…

T E Q U I L A ! ! #sorrynotsorry

While there is really no need to preface… I just love a good cocktail with tequila. After a day of mostly sweets with the blueberries, I wanted to give them a little *bite* but still showcase the full flavor of Wish Farms’ Blueberries. Plus, we just celebration National Margarita Day, so I did a little combining.


GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


Introducing the GingerBlue Margarita :: simple, tangy, sweet & fresh. I first created a blueberry & ginger infused simple syrup, then combining it with your other liquids – voila! Scroll down for an easy, delicious recipe with fresh Wish Farms blueberries.

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GingerBlue Margarita
Course Beverage
For the Simple Syrup
For the Margarita
Course Beverage
For the Simple Syrup
For the Margarita
For the Simple Syrup
  1. Combine sugar and water in saucepan, on medium heat, bring to boil.
  2. Once at boil, immediately remove from heat. A. If you are making a regular Simple Syrup - stop here. Allow to cool and you're good to sweeten! B. If you want to add flavor (as called for in this recipe), keep going!
  3. Keeping your saucepan off the heat, stir in the blueberries & ginger - let sit and absorb the goodness.
  4. Once cool, strain - allowing only the syrup to be left. *I strained a couple times since I grated my ginger.
  5. Set aside in fridge to continue cooling.
For the Margarita
  1. To a glass full of ice, add your simple syrup & tequila.
  2. Add your splash of soda water & pineapple.
  3. Stir, don't shake.
  4. Garnish with blueberries & squeeze a lime on top for some extra zest. Salud!
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GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


GingerBlue Margarita #sundaysupper #wishfarms #ad


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    May 13, 2018

    This looks so good and refreshing! So nice meeting you the other week!

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      May 15, 2018

      Thank you! And so nice to meet you too!

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    Marion Myers

    May 17, 2018

    Thank you so much for joining us on the blueberry farm tour, Caitlyn! It was so nice to meet you. I only wish we had more time to talk, but I’m sure we’ll meet up again sometime. I love that you made a margarita, and I can’t wait to give it a try! The ginger in there with the blueberries and a splash of pineapple! My mouth is watering!


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